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Womxn Who Vagabond: Skye Mallac

Writer-Wanderer-Herbalist Skye Mallac in her element. Source: Instagram

Skye Mallac is a South African writer, herbalist and traveler. She took on South America alone on a minuscule budget, and then traveled almost a year from Brazil to Costa Rica. She is happiest with her feet on the move and the wind in her hair.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Skye about her experiences as a solo traveler, freelancer, and herbalist, and I hope her story may serve as inspiration for the aspiring travelers out there!

Check out her herbal creations at @rootsremedies and her words at nomadicmuseings.wordpress.com

A couple of my favorite insights from this interview:

“As humans, we’re designed to adapt so quickly, and you notice that so much when you travel… You’re so capable. That’s a good reminder for a lot of people. You may be scared to take that leap, and for good reason, but you can do it. We’re designed to do it.”

“Being a solo female traveler is a lot easier than perhaps you think… I approach things from a willingness to experience new things and not wanting to wait for others. A big reason that I’ve done all this is due to me wanting to have adventures, and it would have been great to do with other people, but I ended up doing it on my own. And by fluke I’m a woman.”

Source: Skye Mallac, Instagram

Advice for aspiring travelers:

“Just go. Make a financial commitment (book the flight). Make that first commitment. Once you are committed to something, everything moves to support you.”

Womxn Who Vagabond is a new interview series dedicated to featuring the stories of badass solo female travelers around the world. Follow @vagabondesstravel on Instagram to tune in!

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